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Do you know everything about Tom and Jerry?

Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry is a very successful cartoon series by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Hanna and Barbera made 114 Tom and Jerry shorts. Tom is a grey domestic cat. Jerry is a little, brown and cute house mouse. Tom always tries to catch Jerry but it's not easy. Jerry is a skillful mouse. He always outmaneuvers Tom and it's very funny.
The episodes of the series won seven Academy Awards. The Oscar-winning episodes: 1943 The Yankee Doodle Mouse, 1944 Mouse Trouble, 1945 Quiet Please!,1946 The Cat Concerto, 1948 The Little Orphan, 1951 The Two Mousekeeters, 1952 Johann Mouse. Between 1963 and 1967 Chuck Jones made 34 new Tom and Jerry episodes. Tom and Jerry later reappeared on television in the 1970s, '80s and '90s, with new parts by Hanna and Barbera. The latest Tom and Jerry cartoon is the Tom and Jerry Show which appeared in 2014 on Cartoon Network.

10 well-known and little-known facts about Tom and Jerry

Here you will find well-known, little-known and unknown curiosities. I collected the most interesting facts about Tom and Jerry.
1. Between 1940 and 1958 the Tom and Jerry shorts won seven Academy Awards.

2. Tom and Jerry original names were Jasper and Jinx.

3. Jerry is a little, brown, house mouse. The brown color symbolizes the harmony, safety and tranquility.

4. The series called Spike and Tyke was a Tom and Jerry spin-off. It was created in 1957. The studio produced only two episodes before it was shut down.

5. Tom and Jerry are celebrating their 75th birthday in 2015.

6. Spike is also known as "Butch" or "Killer".

tom and jerry and spike
7. The Tom and Jerry Show animated TV series produced by Warner Bros in 2014.

8. Tom and Jerry was named one of the greatest television shows of all time by Time magazine in 2000.

9. Jerry is a little mouse. Mice can jump down 3-4m without injuring themselves and they are also very good climbers and swimmers too. Therefore Tom will never catch him.

10. Tom and Jerry almost never speak in the original classic episodes but are voiced in Tom and Jerry Tales in 2005.