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The Family Guy is an american animated television series by Seth MacFarlane. The story takes place in Rhode Island Quahog city. Peter Griffin is the householder. He is an overweight, well-intentioned working man. His wife is Lois, who usually acts as a housewife. She is giving piano lessons. The couple have three children: Meg, Chris and Stewie.
I think Stewie and Peter is the most funniest character in the series. The family also includes Brian. He is a walking and talking dog. His favorite drink is the martini. There are lot of returning characters in the series. For example th middle-aged sex maniac, bachelor pilot Glenn Quagmire, the always calm, Cleveland Brown and his wife Loretta, the wheelchair police officer Joe Swanson and his "always" pregnant wife, Bonnie. The Family Guy has been nominated for eleven Emmy and Golden Globe awards, and each board has won three times.

10 well-known and little-known facts about Family Guy

Here you will find well-known, little-known and unknown curiosities. I collected the most interesting facts about Family Guy.
1. Family Guy became the first cartoon to be nominated for the best comedy series Emmy award since The Flintstones in 1961.

2. Chris Griffin's voice is based on Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs.

3. Seth MacFarlane had a ticket for the 9/11 plane. He was late and he missed it.

4. Lois Griffin had initially blonde hair.

5. Stewie is 21 months old baby.

6. Peter Griffin's character is based on a security guard at Seth MacFarlane's college.

7. The giant chicken is called Ernie.

8. The first is the most viewed episode.

9. Seth MacFarlane recognized that Stewie Griffin is gay.

10. Meg Griffin was voiced by Rachel MacFarlane, Lacey Chabert and Mila Kunis.

+1. MacFarlane created a short cartoon called The Life of Larry. The two main characters were Larry and his dog Steve. Peter and Brian Griffin based on Larry and Steve.